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AdNetwork Kernow

The Native Advertising Network for Cornish Business

If you have tried the corporate international advertising platforms and have been disappointed with poor placement of your advertisements, or poor returns from hosting advertisements, you will appreciate why we set up this network. AdNetwork Kernow is all about supporting local initiatives and the local economy.

'Native Advertising' is a term used to describe the placement of advertisements in a way which is sympathetic to the website they appear on, by complementing the visual style and subject area of the site.

Advertisers only need to provide a short text, a relevant photo, and a link to a pertinent landing page whose content is likely to be of interest to those visiting the websites they target. As an advertiser you can choose a specific website or use keywords to prioritise a range of websites.

Publishers benefit from AdNetwork Kernow's intelligent algorithms which present advertisements more likely to be of interest to your site visitors, and tools to easily adapt advertisement zones to the the look and feel of your website.